Let’s talk fashion

Our lives are filled with things to do and places to go.  Whether it is a school concert, a field trip, your work-place award dinner or church, there is always a need for you to go knocking on the doors of your clothes closet.   I think our closets will be happy if we would think a little more before we go shopping for more clothes.

Think and spend wisely.    Build a wardrobe that would give you value for money.

This is my first substantive post on fashion and I hope it inspires you to build a wardrobe that would serve you well.

Everyone should have a black skirt or pants as part of their wardrobe.   A solid black pants or skirt can go a long way.   If you have a favourite black pair of pants in your closet, like I do, you are on your way to building a practical wardrobe.

To get a simple casual look, try wearing your black bottoms with mild coloured tops along with flats or casual sandals.  To accomplish varied looks, you can wear your blouse in or out of your pants/skirt.  You can easily switch to a classy look by wearing bright coloured blouses with the same bottom, along with a pair of classy heels.  If you wish to step up even more, to a formal look, simply add a jacket.

It is important that your pants or skirt is durable; in other words it is not cheap material that would fade after a few spins in the washing machine.  Learning how to identify durable material from non-durable is a learning process.   Having knowledge of reliable clothes’ brands can also make a difference.    It is important that you feel satisfied that you have spent every dollar wisely.   Don’t be attracted to the bling and the glitter or what everyone is wearing; think quality, think class. Do your research on brands and various fabrics.

1 black pants or skirt, two blouses and one jacket can give you up to six different looks, can you figure them out?

By the way my favourite piece seen in these pics is the peach-orange blouse, purchased from “Fashions Outlook” located in the small mall on Market Hill, St. George, Grenada.  Check them out soon.

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