Investing in your family….

I always desired a family, it was my “little girl into teenaged years” dream.   I anticipated that one day, I would have a successful family (of course I defined success how I saw it).  Actually, I could say I bargained with God, that if I consistently acknowledged His existence and His power and if I accepted that he knew what was best for my life, He in turn would bless me with a great husband and a great family.   I kept my end of the bargain and He kept his end of the bargain; he gave me a great husband and a great family.

Let me hasten to say however, that many times God gives us gifts and we expect him to do the maintenance work.  Wrong, it does not work like that.  I learned this after doubting God and complaining about what I described as “shortfalls” in my marriage.  I mean, seriously, didn’t I know that these shortfalls were to be embraced, so that I can grow.

God expects us to continue believing in his promises no matter the challenges we face in our marriage and in our families.  He never quits, he never gives up on us and that’s a given.

If you face challenges in your marriage and in your family, it does not automatically suggest that your marriage was wrong from the beginning.   Remind yourself of the purity of the start, of promises you claimed and of the dreams you held on to passionately.

I am learning everyday to abide in God’s grace, so that he can keep me focused on his purpose, because my challenges and my doubts can easily distract me.  I am learning everyday to enjoy his gift of family and not take for granted our moments together.  I am learning everyday to live a life of love, balance, quality and peace, and to do so consistently.

So my “little girl – teenaged years” perceptions and expectations of marriage and family  shouldn’t be daunted by my fears, my failures and doubts; I can still believe in God’s promises.  As a matter of fact, “ting just start”.  I can choose to focus on my blessings.

Be inspired to assert your role in ensuring your marriage and your family enjoys good success.

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  1. So true I do believe that we cannot give up on our families because families are the foundation of any society. Thank you for sharing Janel

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