Make it happen! Drink more water!

I am positive that I am not the only person who struggles with my daily intake of water.  We all know that water is essential to our health and yet many of us do not work hard enough to get it right. If our bodies could only speak we may need to hide our faces.

Well, what about a simple strategy to help us drink enough water daily.

Get a post-it note and make  the following list;

1st glass

2nd glass

3rd glass

4th glass

5th glass

6th glass

7th glass

8th glass

Place the post-it sticker in a place where it can be easily seen.  For example if you are going to be home for the entire day, place it on your refrigerator or on your center table.   If you at work, place it on your desk calendar or next to your laptop.

Whatever you do, wherever you go, the sticker needs to be placed in a place where it can be easily seen, several times during the day.  You would need to think about it, in other words be strategic about the location you choose because this time it has to work for you.

Start off with at least one glass of water when you wake up, then begin striking off your list  every time you have a glass of water.  Your goal is to strike out the entire list by 6:00 pm.  Some persons made need to go later.

Try it for a week in the first instance and  let’s see how different your body would feel.  (Note that for some people eight glasses of water may be too much for you daily).

If you already have a strategy that is working for you, then hats off to you!

Let’s do this!

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