Someone to be excited about……

If we are not careful, what or who excites you can control you.  This relationship between you and things or people can easily distract you from meaningful living. 

Wouldn’t it be great to be excited about God? He is certainly not a distraction.

Who is He? we can talk about him forever and ever because that’s who he is, “The Everlasting God”.

  • God is Creator of the Universe
  • God is the most powerful being in the Universe
  • God is perfect and he cannot change
  • God is faithful, he is always there to forgive and to strengthen
  • God knows and sees all things
  • God loves you even though you may not care whether he exists or not
  • God must judge sin because He is Holy.
  • God can be hurt, He can be grieved, He is a person
  • God’s directions to men and women can be found in the “Holy Bible” and his word is final



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