Reading enriches the mind

I remember what it was like for me at the high school level;  I found plenty of time to read.   My favourite books were;   “The Famous Five” and  “The Secret Seven” by Enid Blyton.  Then there was “Nancy Drew” by Carolyn Keene and my favourite, “The Hardy Boys” written by Franklin W. Dixon.  I also remember a magazine called “Kiss”, strangely, I never saw that magazine after graduating from high school.  I believe that was a good thing.  “Kiss” was far from inspiring.  There was also the “MIlls and Boon” Novels that many of my class mates were reading and for some reason I felt that it would negatively influence me, so I read one or two out of curiosity and that was it.

English B (Literature) class was another of my bright spots.  Oh how I loved the books on our curriculum;  “Things Fall Apart”,  “Green Days By The River”, “Silas Marner”. “Romeo and Juliet” and others.

Looking back today, I feel thankful to God for the rich reading experience I had as a child.

Today my choice of books tend to center around deeper matters of the heart, soul and mind.   My desire to grow is pushing me to find material that would satisfy my quest.  I am also desirous of feeding my passion, whether it is for designing, decorating, health, fashion or people.

Reading the right books further awakens my interest in things I already love.  Reading the right books soothes my mind and helps me to relax.

Let me urge you to find a good book and get loss in a world of learning and discovery.  Dedicate some time weekly to reading books that would help you to discover your purpose on this earth and to live out this purpose to the fullest.



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