Fashion Outlook

Today I visited “Fashion Outlook” and had some fun taking pictures of a few of the attractive clothing on display. Fashion Outlook is  a small boutique located Hillside Mall on Market Hill, St. George’s, Grenada.   It is small but well stocked and ready to serve you.

It is owned by Ruthlyn Forteau who is a great example of someone who believes in perseverance.   As a godly woman, Ruthlyn truly inspires you through her selections and through her customer service. I can guarantee you, you would feel like a valued customer the moment you step in.

The Boutique presents taste, variety and colour and designs that are different.

As someone who loves to design women’s clothing and as some-one who loves wearing unique and outstanding pieces, I often find myself falling in love with a dress or a skirt or a blouse or a piece of jewelry, when I walk into “Fashion Outlook”.

When it comes to fashionable earings, I love glitter, I love class.  The pair of earrings I purchased today is a very good expression of my taste.

Hope you are inspired to persevere towards your dream.

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