What is hindering you from Pursuing your Purpose?

We are often hindered from pursuing our purpose.   Many times, it stems from fear, fear of failure and fear of criticism.   Fear paralyses us and creates doubt, which inhibits our creative juices from flowing freely.   We are really in bondage when we submit to fear; it is a zone of nothingness.

Your past failures, mistakes and sins can also hinder you from fulfilling your purpose.   It is important for us to understand that failures, mistakes and sin are common to all men.   Wallowing in self-pity about something you did wrong is a waste of precious time.  Confess to God and others and move on.

Your family and “friends” may scoff at your dreams, your success and your good intentions.  If you listen to their negative sayings, you would surely start believing that you are what they say you are.  You need to keep silent, only share your dreams and aspirations with those who sincerely care about you and your purpose.

Finally, we often think that “good success” can be achieved without God.  Wrong!  The glaring fact is that God wants us to succeed, he wants us to enjoy good things. He wants us to have life and life abundantly.   In fact, he created man with perfection in mind, with excellence in mind.   Because of sin, man’s purpose became distorted.   Jesus’ death on the cross however, reinstituted hope for a righteous life, for purposeful living.  Don’t believe the notion that you can have a wonderful life without God.   Do not choose riches and misery, choose riches with purpose, choose riches with a relationship with God who knows what is best for you.

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