Feels like intimacy to me.

The Songs are announced one after the other, there is a flow.
I allow myself to sink into a cushion of sweetness where my
mind begins to fall victim to the power therein.
It is a familiar feeling; I have been there before.

With great anticipation, I slowly evict the thoughts in my mind
that doesn’t belong to the moment.
With great anticipation, I slowly lift my hands in
adoration to the one I love.

Before I know it, my heart is filled, my mind is saturated
with his cool presence.
With great anticipation, I open my spirit for more of his
Presence, as I long to draw closer to the one I love.

It’s that moment when I find sweet fellowship with my Saviour.
Those moments when I desire, despite my stubborn heart, more.
More of the accessible assurance and comfort of his presence;
The presence that shakes you to the core and gives you a desire
to walk away from hell, into his heavenly arms.


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