Watch your pocket!!

I am a firm believer that we should have fun with clothes, expressing ourselves in a wholesome and inspiring way that reflects virtue.   Men as well as women, however, need to watch their pocket when they are thinking about dressing for success, but women are definitely the weaker vessels in this regard.

I found these pictures in my archives taken about six months apart wearing the same dress.   The dress I am wearing is a blue, chiffon, deep arm cut, that flows gently down to my ankles.

The first time, I wore it to my Staff Dinner, the second time was to my son’s high school Graduation Ball.  I remember thinking, maybe I shouldn’t wear it again, so soon, and to such an important event.   If I had to buy a new dress for the ball, it would’ve been new dress number two, because I had already purchased one for the Graduation Ceremony.

My point is, I chose to be wise, watching my pocket and spending wisely.  I couldn’t be concerned, whether or not anyone would recognise that I was wearing the same dress.  The dress was legally owned by me, decent and appropriate for both events. What was important is that I was at peace with my decision; I did not overdo my spending.  I simply played around with different accessories and different hairstyles.

As we seek to live meaningful lives, don’t let people pressure you into thinking that you need to buy something new for every occasion, only to feel guilty after about your aimless spending.  The power to choose was given to you by God and lies within you.  You can wear the same dress twice, three times and more and still look fresh.  Your beauty lies within.

Watch your pocket!!

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