What is your gift?

I have discovered that one of my gifts is administration, I am an organiser, a planner a forecaster; I can manage projects well.  But, interestingly, I found that out as an adult.  Even though I was busy using my gifts as a youth, I was still unclear about my God-given purpose, and the gifts that I possessed.

My intention here is not to advertise my gift, but to let you know that every person is born with a gift or gifts.  These gifts help to define who you are and once you can clearly identify them, you are much closer to understanding why you exist.    When I finally understood what my gifts were and my purpose, I became alive, I felt complete, and there was a passion within me  that drove me to achieve, to reach out and to live life to the fullest.

During those years, when we are trying to figure things out, we often feel as if we are missing out, we feel lost and afraid that we would live unfulfilled lives. But when purpose is found, peace is found, joy is found and life with meaning is experienced.

My prayer is that you would discover your gifts and your purpose for being alive and pursue it always no matter the obstacles you may meet along your journey.

Feel free to give me your feedback on your experience finding your purpose.

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