Keep connected as a family

Even our families can become disconnected.    Family relationships do not automatically blossom, because we were born from the same mother and father.  It takes work, effort, and strategy.

Here are some quick tips on keeping your family connected:

  • Insist that all eating takes place in the dining area and not privately in the bedroom.
  • As parents, share things about your day – the exciting and the not so exciting; keep your family in the know.
  • Read a book together
  • Pray together
  • Support each other’s activities eg: your son’s football match, your wife’s book launch, or your husband’s pet projects
  • Go on feild trips together
  • Plan a social and invite close friends and extended family
  • Watch a movie together
  • Go to a concert or live show and sit together
  • Call a family meeting when there is a need to establish or clarify expectations
  • Always be ready to apologise to each other.
  • Remember to appreciate each other for the little things

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