Have fun working on you

I am sitting here thinking how much I love my son.   He is sixteen (16) years old, intelligent, witty, sensitive and focused.  I always find myself, however, wondering if I am being a good mother. I want him to not just develop academically, but socially, emotionally and spiritually.  I want him to have a wonderful life.

So, this note is for you teens and young adults.  Every day, aspire to work on you, to develop the quality of your thoughts and your heart.  Every day, aspire to build good habits that you will be proud of.

I thought of some great habits you can build and I hope by sharing them, you will be inspired to look beyond the academic qualifications you are pursuing, and seek to enrich your life otherwise.

  1. Seek to tell the truth at all times; building a habit of truth-telling would allow persons to trust you easily.
  2. When you loan something from your friend, return it to them when you are expected to; if you don’t, there will be times when you really need a help-out and persons would be skeptical to help you.
  3. Be helpful at home; the habit of laziness is a terrible one.  No one wants to be called lazy.   When it is time for selecting a group of persons, to work on special projects, or to be the recipient of a special award, it is the people who value working that would shine.
  4. Do not be loud and noisy in public; you may be perceived as someone who talks too much.
  5. Practise talking less and thinking more.
  6. Most importantly, honour your parents; do little things to appreciate them; be in a habit of saying “Thank you”.

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