Do something to inspire someone today!

Here are a few tips:

  • Invite them to lunch just to let them know that you appreciate their friendship.
  • Send them a private message filled with words that will lift their spirits and motivate them to carry out their goals.
  • Send them uplifting handwritten notes on special stationary; you can add a little token with it.
  • Buy them an inspirational book.
  • Plan a small group activity geared at inspiring others and
    invite them.
  • Find an appropriate verse in the bible that speaks to their situation and send it to them via WhatsApp or some other means that will be private.
  • Offer to share your devotions with them early in the morning; make sure they are comfortable with the morning you choose.
  • Introduce them to my blog and other blogs that would inspire them.  I have listed other recommended blogs here.

Go inspire!!

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