My Diary – Relationships

Does this describe you?

“I often tell people, I am not in a relationship; I do not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.  I have friends, and that is all there is to it, we are just friends.  In the back of my mind, I am asking myself, am I being honest?”

Michael and I are good friends, we talk everyday, if I don’t call him or if he doesn’t call me, the day is not the same.   I think of Michael several times during the day.  Michael has other girlfriends, but he is closest to me and they know we have something special.   When it’s Michael’s birthday, I need to get him something special.  Michael sends loving notes and comments to me, he means a lot to me.  He has never officially asked me to be his girlfriend, so, I guess he is not my boyfriend.  I wonder what I would do if he meets a new girl and she becomes his new best friend.

Does this sound like your diary!!


If you want to pursue meaningful relationships, do not just follow the flow, think through all your actions.  If you are “just friends” (male and female) then your expectations should not go beyond being “just friends”.  There is no need to call your “just a friend” everyday, to prove that you care.   You do not need the approval of “just a friend”  before doing something important. Be free to live your life and let your friends know that they will always be your friends, whether you speak to them today or not.  Your “just a friend” does not need to know every personal and intimate detail about you.

Think about it, are you really just friends?

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