Forgiveness & Purpose – Part three of three

Evidence of forgiveness;

We often struggle with forgiveness, but with divine help it can happen. Don’t pet and encourage unforgiveness in your life, you would miss the opportunity to enjoy a life of true fulfillment.

Here are some signs that you have truly forgiven someone:

  1. It is easy for you to greet the person on the street.
  2. You can work with the person on a project or task.
  3. You feel no desire for pay back or revenge.
  4. You can freely and sincerely pray for and with that person.
  5. You feel no desire to remind them of what they did.
  6. You do not give them the “silent treatment” or as we say, “the cold shoulder”; there is no subtle effort on your part to make them suffer.

When we forgive, we are obeying God, and we are ensuring that there is no hinderance to him extending forgiveness to us, when we need it.

Forgiveness allows us to experience freedom and a lightness of spirit.  Lack of forgiveness impairs our ability to be objective and to act with a sound mind, having it all together.    Lack of forgiveness also hinders us from impacting our world, to the extent God intended us to.  Having unforgiveness in our hearts is as a road block, keeping us from spiritual progress that leads to success in all other areas.

Go forgive!

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