Keeping hope alive!

We all need to make sure we do all we can to lift others.  I think we share a general purpose on this planet, to do just that.  To build up, encourage, motivate and inspire.

We all come face to face with times when we are low on energy, despondent and not the least interested in anything productive.  It is in these times that we would appreciate the kind jester, of someone who sincerely cares about our well-being; I have found that often, such people are few, but God has a way of ensuring there is someone we can count on.

Despite how you feel today, continue working towards that goal, keep pressing towards the finishing line. Every day, do something that would take you closer to where you want to be.  Too many people give up, too many people give in, all because they have lost sight of hope. The state of hopelessness is not a place to be and we should do all in our power to stay away from the dark thoughts that keep us there.

When loosing hope or faith, in what you were once excited about or confident about, speak to yourself;

Hope says;

“I am not going to give up, there must be another way”.

Hope believes:

“There is a God who understands exactly what I am going through and is ready to walk with me through this dark path.”

Hope sees:

“I do not understand what’s happening, but I believe something good is going to come out of it.”

I know I have felt like giving up many times in my life, I have felt as if I would not be able to make it through the next minute.  I have had moments when I have had to retreat to a quiet place, away from others, just so I can keep it together.  I know what it feels like to walk on a bridge made up of rotten strips of board, and to take each step feeling as if I wouldn’t make it.  Fear paralyzing me and disabling me from taking the next step.   Amid uncertainty, God will hold you up, if you only believe, yes, you must believe for him to show up for you.

Hope exists, no matter how you feel.  Your feelings have nothing to do with what truth is,  and what truth says, that there is always hope, if we only believe.

You may find a bottle of wine, music and partying, eating, shopping or sex, to be that glimmer of hope, because it gives you temporarily relieve from your distress.  Well, it does not work.

God has a plan and he can work it all out if we let him.   Seek to build your hope, so that you can stand firmly, when the rocks start falling around you and you feel you are about to get hit.  Don’t give way to your feelings, give way to God’s promises.

You and I need to keep hoping, we need to keep the next generation in mind, we need to inspire them to persevere, pressing onwards through the tough situations, to see the end.  There is beauty beyond the struggles.

I am thankful for hope, God’s hope that is real and lasting.

So next time you feel hopeless, remember not to speak negatively about yourself; remember to consider that there is a God who has the capacity to see you through and has a wonderful plan for you.  Remember also that your feelings does not dictate what is truth and that your feelings should not dictate your behavior and what you believe.  Remember, there is someone drawing strength from your willingness to fight to conquer and to overcome.  There is someone you are inspring to keep moving, and you may not even know who they are.

We need each other.  Don’t Loose hope!!


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