We can all enjoy reading!

This week, I was inspired by my daughter to keep reading.   It was the first day of her Christmas break and she complained of boredom, yes, so soon.   I took her to the bookstore and I purchased her first “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” novel, by Jeff Kinney.    She thanked me by reading the book in just about three hours.   Remember, she said she was bored right?     I certainly do not intend to buy books so often, nope, they are just too expensive.  So, I have invited my friends, whose children are around the same age, as my daughter, to swap books with me.  I will be happy to share, with their children, books that my kids have read.   I am hoping for success, as I would need at least six more books to keep her busy.   Now, you would know, there is always television, and the tablets and all the online games. It is the times we live in, and it is in our faces.  However, I believe it is important to give other options, creating avenues for building healthy habits, away from the popular gadgets.     

In August this year, I gave both my ten-year-old and my sixteen-year-old targets; they had to read a minimum of five chapters a day.   The results were good.  They took it seriously and they completed the books selected for them. Unless, I was tricked, they seemed to enjoy the journey.

What about us as parents? My husband loves to read, but I think he is on a low these days as it relates to books, maybe he needs some motivation, or rather, maybe it is just the basketball season.   For me, my appetite is for writing, so usually I must discipline myself to read.  I often remind myself that I do like to read.  When I really get into the pages of an inspiring, well written book, I am moved to get something done, to pursue a goal that I have run from, and I am motivated to strive for better.  My choice of books is usually up the street of inspiring, motivating and uplifting.

This year, I started reading Lina Abujamar’s book “Resolved – 10 ways to Stand Strong and Live What You Believe”.    I found it to be practical, deep and biblically sound.  Would you believe I still have a few pages to read? Just a few.  

Someone also gave me a gift, it’s a book of “Favorite Quotations”, titled “Peace in His Presence”.  For me this book is like precious gems; I Love the design, the pictures and of course, the inspiring quotes presented on every page, with a bible verse linked to it.

Here is a taste, sorry that’s all I can give at this moment.  I have shared a picture of the book, so maybe you can go look for it online.

Quote from “Peace in His Presence” By Sarah Young

“Thank me for the gift of my peace: A gift of such immense proportions that you cannot fathom its depth or breadth” 

Colossians 3:15 “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body, you were called to peace.  And be thankful.”

 Something tells me that there are treasures inside this book, waiting to be discovered.

There is yet another book, this one I received as a birthday gift this year; you would have to wait until “2018” to read my review.   It may be familiar to some of you; “Finding favor with the King”. 

I guess you realized by now, that this article emanated from my daughter’s boredom, that led to her reading her new book in three hours; I need to work on that level of focus.  As I confessed earlier, it is easier for me to write than to read, but I do love to read.

I hope this note has inspired you to keep reading, or to start reading.  Reading is relaxing, enlightening and inspiring.

Please do not feel intimidated by my sharing. I know for some of us it requires discipline to read, but that is what growing is all about, putting effort into building healthy habits that would enrich our minds and lives.

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