God’s love makes me feel safe

I was meditating on Romans 38 and 39 and I saw this little poster (featured), and found myself in that place where, I either needed to exhale by screaming loudly, or I needed to exhale by picking up my laptop and begin typing, as my thoughts flowed freely.  I chose to type :).

It is now 4:49 a.m. on the Spice Isle of Grenada, in the wonderful Caribbean Sea, and I am experiencing mixed emotions, sad because I have failed my sweet loving God so many times and joyful because his loving arms never let me go.

I really can’t imagine life without Him. His love for me is what I need to face the giants in this world.  His love for me is that pillow  I can lie on, when the cares of this world threatens to disturb my peace.  His love is what I want to share with others, even when I don’t feel like it.   The older I get, the more I realise that all I really need is God’s love and His love gives me security, whether I live or die.

His love makes it possible for me to grow, to stumble and yet not fall, to sing when life sucks and to inspire someone who needs to be reminded of true hope, that can be found in our loving Saviour.  His love makes life worth the living, his love presents beauty in times when everything around you seems tainted, tasteless and dreary.  His love injects that colour, energy and assurance that gives us a perspective of life that is bright, colourful and filled with faith.

I think, the saddest thing a man or woman could do is to reject God’s love, for their own stubborn will and desires; for the feeding of their feelings and destructive pleasures, not understanding that only Jesus can truly satisfy.

I urge you today, to give in to God’s voice, to his way and to his leading.  It will require confession and turning away from your current way of thinking and living, and following his wonderful blueprint for your life.

Experience true intimacy with God. Have a wonderful Sunday!!

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