A Letter to our wonderful husbands

Dear Husbands,

I am writing you on behalf of the many wives I have met during my life.    I have assumed responsibility to express our thoughts, on what is important to us, as the woman at your side; your most suitable help.  These are some of the things that matters to us in our marriage and we hold fast to the notion that they are necessary for a successful marriage.

Communication is the key to us feeling connected with who God has chosen for us, you, our darling husbands.  When we say communication, we are considering it on a holistic level.  We want to hear you, feel you and be allowed to comfort you.  In turn we want you to hear us, feel us and comfort us.   You may not believe it, but it is important for you to express your weaknesses as well, not just your strengths.  We want to talk about anything and everything, from our spiritual growth and struggles to our emotional pains, our dreams and aspirations and our challenges at work.  We want to be able to share all our concerns with you, whether it is about our relationship or something else of importance; the children, the house, our health, future, vacation or retirement.  We need to know that you are present and interested in everything that concerns us both, and our children.   We cannot sufficiently emphasize how much we need you to be less silent and more vocal; it makes us feel special and valuable; it gives us a feeling of security and belonging.

It is also important for us to pray together; we want to involve God in our everyday decisions, with you right at our sides.   We can only begin to imagine the openness and oneness we can experience if we would consistently meet, at the feet of Jesus. Together, as God speaks to us, we would have the opportunity to defeat our common enemies and soar to heights above.

We know sometimes, we want to talk about everything and it seems as if we are always digging deeper, it is because of the way God has made us.   He made us to pay attention to the finer details of this life.  We are learning every day, how to talk only when it is necessary, and we just need your loving patience.

Please, however, do not take our need for connection for granted.  Do not ignore our pleas for attention through daily communication that ignites our souls.  We would be healthier for it, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We ask for your commitment to our journey together by leading the way by ensuring you are present and ready to communicate with us freely, honestly and lovingly.

We believe that consistent, open communication with you is essential to building a rich relationship with each other.

We love you!

InspireMe on behalf of the imaginary wife club.

Stay connected to the blog to see the husbands’ response, to be posted on Saturday, 16th December.

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