The loving husbands’ response to letter written by wives

Dear Wives,

We are greatly moved by your letter, and stirred in our hearts to be better leaders.  We admit that we have sometimes taken your need for communication for granted, but don’t think for a minute that we do not want to connect with you as well, please forgive us.

The fact that we may not be talking as much as you do, does not necessarily mean something is wrong.  Sometimes we prefer to be quiet, sometimes we prefer to say less.  Many of us were not cultured to communicate effectively, we have not seen that in our Dads and we had to learn how to communicate on our own.  I must admit, that you our wives, have contributed to our growth in this area.

For us, we are prone to act independently and because of that, we sometimes fail to show appreciation for the important role you play in our lives and in our marriage.  You help us to live structured lives and your support helps us to be who we ought to be.  Without you, we would miss the important details.   If you do not support us effectively, we would feel lost, misdirected and in need of filling that gap.

We are growing every day to understand your needs, the level of communication required by you is a little different to what we require, and we need to grow to understand you better.

Please don’t demand us to talk when we don’t want to, it pushes us away and we can be quite defensive when we feel pressured to do as you wish.  We ask that you be sensitive as well.  Remember, we too need to communicate, we ask questions and we want you to answer.  There are the obvious basic details that we think we should know and that’s sufficient.  As we grow to be more sensitive to your needs we would begin to pay attention to the “little things”.

You are our world, we love you dearly and we want to make you happy.  It is well with us when you are happy and content and willing to patiently work with us to achieve greatness.   We believe that our intimate problems should stay at home, between both of us, not with our in-laws or our best friends.

Despite what you may think, we do want to guard, protect and comfort you.  Forgive us for being insensitive at times; the art of being tender doesn’t come easy, but we do try.

Come walk with us, don’t think too much of our silence.  Let’s grow together in love, in contentment and in Godly wisdom.

Loving husband on behalf of the many loving husbands who have read your letter.

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