Regular exercise in “2018”

Regular exercise for “2018” !    This statement is not a promise, or a resolution, it is simply a necessity, now, more than ever.   If I ought to continue to fulfill God’s purpose for my life, I must listen to his voice, to get up and get active.  He wants me to be healthy.

So I have made a list of to-do’s that would allow me to have a simple, do-able start, and I believe that there are others like me,  who need to become more disciplined at practicing regular exercise.  Like me, you are accustomed to exercising, but you have not been doing it for a while and you need to get back on track.  Even though, it is totally new to you, you can embrace it as a new lifestyle change.

So let’s go!  Remember we are doing it because it is a necessity.   Anything that is a necessity MUST be done, Right?

  1. Get a scale that is easy to read and is durable.  – If I have a scale, I can be aware of my weight movements.   If, I am to be responsible for my body, I should at least know what is going on with my weight.  I would love to loose a few pounds, it would certainly help me to get fit and be able to enjoy some of my favourite out-fits.
  2. Get a few outfits that would be comfortable for exercising; clothes can motivate you, choose wisely.
  3. Get me a skipping rope.    I choose a skipping rope, because I have great memories skipping as a child and I enjoy it still.  Also, if the weather does not permit me to be out-doors, I can easily pull my skipping rope and skip-idi-skip on my porch or anywhere in my house where there is sufficient space.
  4. Begin my exercise of choice and do it two times a week; my exercise of choice at this point is simple.  I will be walking home from work, twice a week to start with.   The intention is that once I start, it will be consistently two times each week.  Once I have gotten into the habit of doing it twice weekly, I can consider increasing the frequency.  The goal is to start simple and with a plan that is manageable.
  5. Resume worship dancing with my daughter, at least every other Saturday.  I love worshiping God in dance and have decided to allow my daughter to explore this side of her, she loves dance as well and needs to appreciate how her dancing can be used to share the gospel.
  6. Visit the Beach at least once a month and be sure to be involved in some form of physical activity when doing so.

That’s it for me, my plan for regular exercise in “2018” is not a “pie in the sky” , it is not fancy or expensive, neither is it done for popularity purposes.

It is about inspiring you to find a way to make exercising a part of your lifestyle.  Remember it is a necessity.  Try creating a plan that represents you and allows you to be active doing things you enjoy.

Let’s not forget our eating, we need to always strive to eat healthy.

I hope to share with you a bit of my experiences as I seek to fulfill God’s purpose in every area of my life.

Here are some simple ideas to help you create a simple plan:

  • Visit the beach more often and take a brief jog;
  • Go on family walks;
  • Work-out to suitable work-out music on you-tube right in your living room;
  • Walk home instead of driving or taking the bus;
  • Dance to your favourite songs;
  • Play outdoors with your children on week-ends;
  • Find an exercising partner at work and do some exercising before leaving the office.  In this case you would need a suitable space for this purpose and make sure your boss is fine with it;
  • If there is a pasture or playing field in your community, go jogging with your children or on your own or with a friend, at a time convenient to you;
  • And of course, if you think you are ready to commit to a gym membership, go for it.

Feel free to share with us on this blog  through the reply comment form or via my e-mail;

Hope to hear about your simple exercising plans.

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