Have fun with colours!

I love the colours, black, brown and navy blue but I found myself trapped into thinking, “that’s me, I am drawn to the dark colours; brighter, lighter colours are just too loud and it’s not my thing”.  What I needed was some colour, not just in my closet but in my life.   Interestingly, I found that the lack of colour in my closet represented the lack of colour in my daily living.

It started with an introspection one day; I started to observe my behaviour when I walked into a store.   I would see something of colour, strikingly attractive and then I would shift my focus to the darker colours.   As I analysed myself, I realised, that I was indeed attracted to brighter colours, unusual patterns and styles, but I felt there was a need to play it safe.   What I was doing was suppressing my appetite for more colour.  Poor me, I was robbing myself of so much fun!!

A major part of my thinking came from my humble upbringing, which I am so proud of.  However, in my quest to be a “good christian” and to make sure that I was not the reason someone would stay away from God, I deprived myself from wholesome, healthy expressions of the beautiful person God created.  

Embracing colour required me to disregard the inhibitions, and the senseless pressures to be seen in the public’s eye as “modest”.   My focus was too much on how I was perceived by others, rather than how I was perceived by God and how much I understood my purpose.

While I still have a tendency to walk over to the black skirt, instead of the yellow skirt, I am much more aware of my choices and what influences them.

I understand, now more than ever, that the Holy Spirit enables me to release my inner beauty, passions and interests, to have fun with colour, patterns, fabric and designs, in a way that allows me to shine.   I know that I am expected to glow within the context of the inner peace and joy that I feel, knowing that I am who I am because of the Grace of God!

I bear the marks of someone who God has done wonders in and continue to do no less.   I am constantly counting my blessings, amidst failures and regrets, and my blessings easily outnumber the latter.   I know where I came from, where I could’ve been and I have a pretty good idea, from God’s word, where I am going.

I therefore conclude that  I have justifiable reasons to dance, shout, scream and embrace life with colourful confidence, fully geared towards pleasing my Wonderful Saviour and Friend, daily.

I need to shine so that others would long for what I have found; the source of my colour, my peace and my joy. JESUS!! 

Maybe, you can identify with my experience, and you feel as if you are swimming in a sea of dark colours, but you are dying to explore the brighter colours which represents the unexpressed qualities and gifts planted within you by God.  Lack of self-love, negative experiences, and a lack of understanding of who you really are or are created to be, can seriously influence the extent to which you are enjoying life.

I encourage you to give God a chance to colour your life and watch him cause you to bloom, to shine and to share with others the joy of living with colour.  

While dark earthy colours are beautiful, you would be amazed to see what more colour can do for your mood, your spirit and your personal drive to pursue your dreams.   

After all God created colour for us to enjoy. 🙂

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