Don’t blame it on Daily Routines, find smart ways to enjoy your Marriage.

I work a minimum of eight hours every day.  My day starts with some quiet time, reading a verse or two from the bible or a chapter.  Sometimes, I opt. to read by “Daily inspirational”.     My next step is to either head to the kitchen or the ironing board (if I did not iron before).   Usually, if I head to the kitchen my husband would head to the ironing board and vice versa.   Most times, it is still necessary to wake the children, then it is time to shower, dress, eat our breakfast, brush our teeth, grab all the bags and head out to either catch the bus or get into our vehicle.  At the end of the day it is another routine.  Usually, I am thankful for weekends and I would prefer to do nothing!  But that’s not possible if the upcoming week is to run successfully.

These are “must do” routines that I sometimes wish I could skip at times.   Now, I would love to be out with my husband some more, but it is difficult to make it happen and on top of that it is much easier and comfortable just staying at home after a busy week.

So, this post is about being smart and trying to create those special moments together, as husband and wife, when your life is filled with “must do” routines.  It has nothing to do with complaining, because our routines are necessary if we ought to instill the value of work and discipline in ourselves, and in our children.   Routines are necessary if we want to carry out our goals.  We should not despise it entirely, we need routines.  We need to make sure however, that it is worth it, it is going to count for something. In other words, don’t spend time doing routines that would build bad habits.

Now I told you this post is about being smart and trying to create those special moments, as husband and wife, amidst the demanding schedules.  Usually, we are burnt out at the end of the day and we are not inspired to do anything right! Well for you who prefer life as it is, boring,  you may not want to fight for more fun in your marriage but then you would miss the opportunity to grow and to discover greater experiences in your marriage.  We need to remind ourselves that our lives must be meaningful, this means that it is not ok to become comfortable, just being married and taking care of your family.   God wants us to enjoy our lives to the fullest; This is purposeful-living. The world needs to know that marriage, as God intended it, is still to be desired, still beautiful.

I have some ideas you may find funny, too simple or insignificant.   I dare to say, they are not.   I understand though, that every relationship is uniquely different and what may work for the couple down the street may not work for the couple on the hill.   To deal with that, I promise to give you ten or more practical ideas 😊.

Idea no. 1

You can invite your spouse to lunch during your lunch hour.  Maybe you can call in and order your lunch in advance (if possible), so that too much time is not spent waiting on your order.

Idea no. 2

On the days when you both don’t have to go to work or to the office, stay in bed a little longer and just love on each other.  You can even have breakfast in bed.

Idea no. 3

If your spouse needs an everyday item buy it and wrap it or tie a ribbon around it and present it to them.  You can add a love note.  Here is an example:  Let’s say your spouse needs a new tooth-brush.  Purchase a tooth-brush in their favourite colour, tie a ribbon around the tooth-brush with a love note that says something like “For you Hun, come breath on me with freshness” You can add, giggling emoji’s all over your note.   Sounds crazy right!

Idea no 4

Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to your spouse at work or at home; some men do enjoy flowers as well.

Idea no. 5

Offer a massage at the end of a tiring day!   It does not have to be a full body massage, you can focus on where they need it most.

Idea no. 6

Serve them water or food in a special dish.

Idea no 7

Leave love notes under their pillow.

Idea no. 8

Offer to help with chores and chat about topics they care about.

Idea no. 9

Sometimes an evening jog can do wonders for our bodies, and our relationship, go jogging together. Don’t make it too long however, you need to return home with some strength for your shower and anything else that you wish to enjoy.

Idea no. 10

Have ice cream in bed!  I love this one!!

Idea no. 11

Watch a great movie together, in your living room of course, remember I am catering for couples who are very much engrossed in their family life.   This you can try to do as you wine down after a busy day.

Idea no. 12

On a day when you are both going to be home to enjoy it, clean your room with added zeal; give it that fresh feeling.  You can purchase new sheets or add a green plant or light scented candles. Ideas here are unlimited.  It can be a new piece of furniture, a picture of both of you on the wall, new curtains or simply changing the layout of your room

Idea No. 13

Read the bible together and discuss verses that inspire you.

Idea No. 14

Plant a flowering plant together and agree on a name to call it.

The ideas above would help you to stick-in special moments weekly, when it is difficult to find that quality time.   As couples, we need to make greater efforts however to ensure that quality time together is experienced frequently.   We need more than just the little special moments, as important as they are. It may be necessary to ask someone to baby sit for you so that you can get out of the house and spend a romantic or meaning evening together.  If your parents are still alive they may be willing to have their grand-kids sleepover.

Additionally, you should try your best to make birthdays and anniversaries a big thing, plan, and agree together what you are going to do, unless of course, you are planning to surprise your spouse.

Let me challenge you to turn your world around, don’t just sit and complain, do something to make a difference.  You may do something today and be hit by a block of discouragement tomorrow; Don’t let that stop you.   Keep doing!

Best wishes to you for a less boring marriage.  It is up to both of you to make things rock!

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