Intimacy with GOD; Becoming more intimate but less familiar

Recently, I was brainstorming a bit, as I examined myself trying to identify signs that I am either just familiar with God or I am truly enjoying an intimate relationship with him.

Signs of familiarity

  • Trusting him now then doubting again
  • Refusing to take that step of faith
  • Allowing fear to control my actions
  • Thinking I can spend time with him later
  • Asking his forgiveness for the same sin over and over

Signs of Intimacy

  • True repentance when I do wrong.
  • Spending time with him because I look forward to it and desperately want to do so.
  • Missing my personal quiet time with God when it does not happen
  • Submitting to his wisdom and guidance and making sound decisions as a result
  • Experiencing worship that is deep, that takes me away from the cares of the world and my current circumstances.
  • Entering into his glory where my body and mind is renewed and I break out in adoration and tears, as I think about all the great things about his Character and how valuable I am to him.

If you were to do this assessment, which category would you find yourself?


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