Reaching beyond your constraints.

Sometimes we can feel trapped in our own lives, when our success partly depends on someone else’s obedience or someone else’s decision to act.  In moments like these we can get frustrated and it requires us to do what is never easy to do, WAIT!   Just sit tight and Wait!.   Who likes to wait?  Well, with a good book in our hands, access to the internet or some music plugged into our heads, it makes waiting much easier. Right?

However, when we are truly waiting for our circumstances to change, for the pages to flip over or for a prayer to be answered, we often fail to realise that the art of true waiting is being still.  It is often necessary for us to close the book, turn off the phone and your computer and just be still enough to listen to God’s voice and to allow him to breathe wisdom upon you.  Let him give you clarity of mind and purpose.

We are masters of worry, becoming anxious and wanting to run ahead of God’s plan and all he wants us to do is be still.

Don’t think, I am being naïve; I know the pain of waiting.  It is especially when your waiting is as a result of fear in the heart of another, or someone’s failure to manage their resources properly, or another’s failure to be reliable enough to pass on some very important information to another person.  You may be waiting because you do not have the authority to act, and would need someone else to step in, or maybe you loaned someone a significant amount of monies and you have been waiting and waiting for them to return it.    You are probably waiting because your wife refuses to forgive you, even after ten (10) years have gone by;  you are still waiting to experience a better relationship.  It seems as if life has stopped because someone else is trapped in their past or in the weaknesses and is having difficulties moving on.  Someone else is failing to trust God.

We could go on and on, the Government’s focus is wrong, the Economy is unstable, man-made systems are flawed and good trustworthy people are hard to find.  The church lacks vision, it is stagnant, irrelevant,  a poor example of God’s power and might.

It is within these limitations, and sources of frustration that we need to be still and know God.  He is showing you how to trust him in the midst of your constraints, and you need to grab his outstretched hand and follow him.  You would feel alone and scared but you must proceed to trust. If you fail to do that, you would remain in bondage waiting for people and circumstances to change, not understanding that God wants to use your daring step of faith to ignite activity, the turning of a new page, the opening of eyes and ultimately the changing of hearts and minds.  The passion and fire that burns within you should not be stifled because you believe your circumstances are not right.    God is quite capable of taking you through the maze.

Step into your purpose!!

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