Oh Lord, early in the morning you are there!

I feel you in the warm sunshine,

caressing my face, reminding me that you exist.

You exist before all men existed;

before the very beginning of this earth you were there!

You are the beginning.   In you all things live and move!

There is no one who compares to you;

your foundation is before all ages!

God of all Ages!

The Universe obeys your voice.  Let there be light and there was light!


You command all things as you please!

The seas obey you, keeping their boundaries!

You can cause the waters to roar or you can say

“peace be still”.

The skies obey you, spreading its beauty above the land,

displaying your heavenly beauty.

The trees and the flowers display your delicate splendor,

and your care for even the temporary things.

The Animals reflect your thoughtfulness, and consideration for man

and the beautiful space he lives in.

You are the most creative being!  Father of Creation!

Your hands are full of greatness!

Your power and your might are Amazing!

My Creator and My King!


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