A Mother’s role – Featuring the Beutow Family

When we think about living purposeful lives as parents, we ought to always remember that we have a very important responsibility.   From the time you conceive and there is a baby growing in your womb, to the day you die, your responsibility as a mother is with you.  What we need to understand is that as our kids grow, their needs change and it requires you to be adaptable and sensitive to those needs, if you are going  to continue playing a significant role in their lives.

Sometime in February or early March, I was scrolling through my Facebook home page and an article written by one of my F.B. friends caught my eye.  Once I started reading, I wanted to read it to the end.  I immediately connected with the story, as a parent, and also, because it came across as sincere and honest and yet tenderly sweet and touching.   Immediately, I thought, this is so good, others should read it; or rather, the world should read it.   My friend was simply sharing her heart, and her experience, as a Mother of three.

I linked her up after reading it and asked if I can share her thoughts/story on my blog.    I am so happy she said yes, and because she did, you too can read it.  Thank you Misty!

This piece of writing is more of an inspirational testimony or reminder of the precious things in life: Written by Misty Beutow, on February 26th, 2018.  Misty is a Godly Stay-at-Home Mom seeking to honour God in her service as a mother and a wife.

Here is her short story. (Featured pic; Misty & Andrew)

“Yesterday Andrew and I took a short road trip; it’s about a 2-hour drive.  For the first 30 mins or so, we enjoyed our road trip snacks and had great conversation.   After a bit he wanted to read his book, but the sun was too bright, so he hopped in the back seat.,,,,,,silence.

Then, on the way home, he wanted to read his book, more silence.   As he sat in the back reading and I drove in the quiet, I began to think back on what my mother-in-law said over the weekend. “When I walked into your house, it was different.  It used to be chaos, loud and crazy.   Now I walk in and it’s so quiet.”

It’s a new stage of life at our house; gone are the days of diapers and “sippy-cups”.   No more pulling on my pant leg and crawling up in my lap.  No more, mommy can you get me a snack.  No more cleaning up mess after mess after mess, only to find another mess.  Those days were exhausting; 3 children, ages 3 and under, can wear a mama out.

But things are different now. While my kids may not have the mindless and yet physically exhausting demands, they still need their mom. They may not need me to make them a snack, tie their shoes or kiss their ouchies, but they do need me emotionally.  They need spiritual guidance; they need me to help them navigate their independence. They need a shoulder to cry on when their heart is hurting and they need me to be their biggest cheer leader and greatest fan.

As your kids get older, and they seem to be more independent, don’t pull away from them.  Don’t let them do too much of their own thing.  It may seem like they don’t need you, but they do. Now more than ever, they need your guidance.  They need you to point them to Christ, they need you to teach them how to love when they want to fight. They need you now more than ever!  So, while there maybe silence (And you thoroughly enjoy it😉) there is still a need for you, mama ❤”

The Beutow Family.

Hope you mothers are inspired to gracefully embrace every stage of your child’s life.

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