Rise to your Potential by Tommy Tenney

I am currently reading one of Tommy Tenney’s Book.  It is titled “Finding Favor with the King”, a lovely daily inspirational collection of writings supported by scripture.

While each piece is well written, every now and then one jumps out at me, much more than the ones previously read and I often feel like sharing it on this platform.  Two days ago, I read this piece titled “Rise to Your Potential” and I thought wow, this is good and so timely and so in line with my Blog’s purpose.  Since I don’t want to burst your bubble, I am not going to say more about it, I am just going to share it.    I connected with the article as it made me pause and think.  There is always something else to work on.  I also like sharing writings of experienced Christian writers, it is truly a joy.


You have potential for greatness. Everybody does.  God created the human race to exercise dominion over the created order.  He designed us to rule with Him as co-regents of the physical realm.   In God’s eyes we are all potential princes and princesses.  As a loving Father, He wants to see each of us become everything that He has envisioned for us.  He wants to see each of us reach our fullest potential.

Do you see yourself as a prince or princess in the making?  How about your family and friends?  Your next-door neighbor?  That homeless person down the street?  That annoying colleague at work that you just can’t seem to get along with?  Do you think of these people as potential “royalty” in God’s Kingdom?

In the world, we tend to judge by appearances.  We are too easily impressed by human credentials and too quick to write off those who fail to measure up to our standards.  God operates by a different standard.  He judges not by appearance or by present conditions but by potential.

Consider the apostles of Jesus.  Judging from human standards, it would be hard to imagine a less likely group of people to be entrusted with God’s work.   Jesus called Andrew, Simon, James and John to be His disciples.   These four fishermen were simple, earthy laborers.  But don’t write them off as ignorant “hayseeds.”  Fishing was a major business there in those days and these men may well have been astute, shrewd, and successful businessmen.  Nevertheless, they were not the type most of us would think of first as messengers of God’s good news.  Yet, Jesus saw them as more than just fishermen.  He saw them as “fishers of men.”  And that is just what they became.

Matthew was a tax collector.  As a “collaborator” with the hated Roman occupation government, he was considered a traitor by his own people.  Jesus looked beyond who Matthew was and saw who he could become.  As a disciple, Matthew went from writing tax accounts to writing a gospel account of Jesus that became part of God’s inspired Word.

When King Xerxes’ emissaries went searching for a new queen, they were not looking for perfection.  No woman in the Kingdom would be “ready-made” for the king’s presence.  They were looking for potential.  They sought young maidens who could grow beyond their present circumstances and be made “fit for a king.”

In the same way, none of us is “fit” for the King.  But he can make us “fit.”  No matter who you are, where you have been, or what you have done, you can still become the person God created you to be.   He knows the potential that He has placed inside you.   He stands ready to mold and shape you into that person – if you will let Him.

Don’t settle for less than God’s best for you.   Let Him raise you to the level of the potential He has placed in you.  Let Him prepare you for life in the palace.

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