I chose, I chose wisely! Poem by inspireMe

It was 3:00 a.m., Saturday morning, April 7th,  2018 and I just wanted to read my bible.  For some reason, I felt rested and I didn’t want to be idle,so, I thought to myself, let me grab my bible.

You see, the Bible, it is a treasure for me, a childhood guide to my destiny;  I saw it as an honour to read a book of such quality.

And yet, I lingered, procrastinated and wavered,  should I or should I not, read my bible? It made no sense at all, that I would rise from my bed with such a desire, and then seek to dampen the fire.

The fire that was stirring inside of me, a yearning to engross myself within the pages of world history, and yet, I hesitated.

I knew if my passion could stir my will, I would reach for my bible, I surely will.  Then I knew it was not what I thought or felt, it was a simple choice that I had the power to make; to yield to a more seemingly attractive alternative or to reach for my bible.

So I chose.  I chose so that my passion could connect with my will, and the unknown reason why I felt the urge in the first place could be revealed.

I chose, so that  my spirit could be enlightened, and my eyes awakened to new frontiers, renewed visions and places to conquer. I chose, so that my mind could be renewed, and I could soar on wings of an Eagle.  I chose to read my bible.

I chose wisely, because I thought to myself, there must be a reason why sleep left my eyes, why I felt that urge, there must be a reason why suddenly, I felt a struggle to choose otherwise.   I knew then that it would’ve been a golden opportunity missed, so I chose, I chose wisely.

I read my bible, not just one or two verses, but many, and, I am no longer the same.

Proverbs 25:28

He that hath no rule over his own Spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.

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