Worship Expressions: A heart like yours

I desperately want to know you more.

My heart is always in need of your fixing,

your melting and your molding.

Could my heart be like your heart?

It’s my desire, so I press on!

Your heart is full of compassion,

unconditional love and patience!

Oh, how I desire to be like you!

I meditate upon my bed and I think

of how good and awesome you are!

You are the Good, Good, Father and we can run to you, day or night.

I am amazed of your love for me.

I shall pursue you, because in you I see everything

that makes me feel complete and fulfilled.

You are enough for me and I praise you and exalt you!

I worship and adore you, bowing my knees before you!

Only you deserve such worship!

King over all, excellence surround you.

You are glorious and mighty; your splendor engulfs me

and I am in awe of your presence.

I seek to know you more, to be like you, my heart, reflecting yours!

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