No man is an Island!

“No man is an Island”.   I have heard this saying since as a little girl.

I chose to research it and found out it is a quote from the Poet John Donne, written in the 17th Century.  The phrase expresses the idea that man do badly when he is isolated from his kind and can only thrive when he is part of a community.  Here is John Donne’s poem in which the phrase was used;

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind.  And therefore, never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

I know you may be thinking…..whew, I need someone to interpret this poem; interesting poem indeed.

Check out the following link for more on the phrase “no man is an Island” and the Poet John Donne.

I chose to use the phrase in this motivational piece, because I think it is quite fitting;

We exist, succeed and survive because of each other. Someone is always preparing and planning for you or making decisions to make things easier for you. Someone is always being considerate and kind, sacrificing a personal benefit or pleasure for your happiness. It is true, no man is an island!

The food you purchased from the supermarket had to be stored in the right temperature and the right conditions, making it healthy for you to consume; no man is an island. The air you breathe every day, is clean because your neighbors are seeking not to contaminate it by lighting fires or smoking near you.  Clean water is flowing through you tap because the employees at the Water Company did not sleep on the job.  Our children can get an education because of hard working teachers.

When we think of our purpose, when we think of accomplishing God’s will, we must embrace the thought that we can only accomplish our purpose through people; It’s all about people.   We all need support to start that project, we need musicians to produce an album, as an aspiring motivational speaker, we need people who would listen, as a Pastor, you need loyal church members.  Life is about relationships and it is impossible to succeed without them.

As part of my Profession as an Administrator and Human Resource Manager, I am constantly aware of the need to make decisions that would positively impact my business relationships.  You see, as professional we depend on sound trusted relationships to provide information when it is most needed.  We support each other in our expertise and our knowledge, we discuss common experiences and trends and we use these discussions to come up with decisions and best practices.  I understand, clearly, that the Administrators and Human Resource Managers in other Organisations are assets because I can learn from them; we learn from each other.

It means therefore that they have contributed to my success as an Administrator and a Human Resource Professional.

We can apply this to every area of our lives, our Marriage, our Families, personal projects, community projects and those bigger long-term dreams that takes lots of perseverance and will power. There is always someone in our lives to help make things happen.

As our dreams unfold and become clearer and we begin to enjoy the results, let’s remember to seek out those who helped us along the way. As we wait for more of God’s will to unfold, let’s not fool ourselves thinking that we are better off working on our own.   God wants us to touch the lives of others through our journey as he allows others to touch our lives as well.

Let’s live our lives in a way that would extend our already existing networks.   As we meet new people, let’s value them by being there when they need a helping hand and by listening and showing genuine concern about their well-being.

God has been reminding me lately to invest in my relationships and to pay special attention to the new ones, to ensure a sound godly foundation is established.   We meet so many people in life and each person can enrich our experience and teach us valuable lessons, it all depends on how you see “PURPOSE” and your perspective of others.   Do you see some people as insignificant?  Or as burdens?   Or do you see them as precious to God and that he has allowed you to meet them for a reason?

On the flip side you may have been treated badly by others, they may have scoffed at your dreams and their reactions may have dampened your spirits.  Don’t give up, you have only, one life to live and you need to make it count, create your legacy by exercising faith in God and find ways to motivate yourself to keep going.

You cannot pursue someone’s else’s dream.  You cannot live the life that God has planned for someone else, you will be miserable.  You MUST continue your path, towards your destiny.   So, look up, it doesn’t matter who laughs, who scoffs and who refuses to see your potential.  Know that God sees you differently and is depending on you to trust him so that he can show you great and mighty things he has in store.  Know also that he would place the right individuals in your path to cheer you on.  He understands that we need others.



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