It’s your marriage – Be intimate!

Hi Guys and Gals,

Just sending some encouragement along your way to keep your Marriage bubbly and meaningful.  Remember to LIVE!!  Please don’t shy away from these issues.

intimacy in marriage is not just about having sexual intercourse, it is much more.

Here are six easy tips for practicing intimacy;

For the Men;

  • Invite your wife to take a walk with you in the moonlight and hold her hand while you walk, while hugging her often.
  • When it is quiet and you are alone, ask her how her day was and caress her back while she speaks.
  • Read for her an article that you found interesting (try to avoid harsh topics, like politics, news bulletins or a negative report). Select an interesting topic, maybe about becoming more positive, learning to cope with life, helping children to develop wholesomely etc.
  • Lie in bed and reminisce about the times when you were dating or the early years of your marriage.
  • Whisper intimate messages in her ear, when others are around – you may be surprised how this makes her feel.
  • Make up a love song or a poem about her and sing or read it to her.

For the Women:

  • Let your husband know how safe he makes you feel, how important He is to you feeling complete. Express to him in words how you feel about him.
  • Make a special effort not to be distracted with the kids and just focus on him for a while. It is just making that special effort to serve him, don’t over-do it though, so it comes across as if you are trying desperately to impress.
  • Watch a movie together and place your head on his lap or place his head on your lap.
  • Ask him about his day and be ready to listen when he begins to share. Do not interrupt him!
  • Offer him a massage at the end of a long day and do it after you have both had your evening bath.
  • Call him during the day just to say “I love you!”!



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