Feeling “Stuck” and need to get out?

What do you do when your Passion is growing but there seems to be no open doors and you feel a bit “stuck”?

When we are hand-picked by an awesome, omniscient God, who has a specific role for us to fulfill, we have no choice but to seek to clearly understand what that role is and seek to execute it well.  God confirms his will for our lives through scriptures, spiritually-minded friends, through our trials and circumstances and by speaking directly to us through his Holy Spirit.

He also plants the passion and the interests in our hearts and we just cannot escape it.  However, we often feel stuck, maybe after trying on our own to make a start or to initiate God’s will.  Many times, many others seem to be moving on, getting the attractive opportunities to shine for God.  But what we must realise is that God’s timing is not our timing, His will for our lives is also divinely scheduled.  In this case, I believe his sweet Holy Spirit would calm you and say to you “Peace Be Still”, it is not time yet.

There are times however, when he does not require you to be still but instead He wants you to activate your faith and act out his purpose for your life and yet in these times we often feel stuck.  I believe, some of the reasons we feel stuck is because of fear, doubt, incorrect perception of who we are, and   a lack of spiritual insight.

Here are some tips to help you come out of the mud and moving in God’s direction:

  1. Examine yourself and seek to identify anything in your life that may be a hindrance. It could be a sinful behavior, a toxic relationship, idols in your life that are hindering you from placing God first, and the list goes on.  Prayerfully look at yourself and confess what needs to be confessed, replace the inappropriate behavior with the one that God desires and seek to build new habits.
  2. Do not try to mix up God’s will for your life with worldly desires and dreams; it would not work, you would only feel more stuck.
  3. Seek to tune in to the voice of God, so that you would not miss the open doors.
  4. Keep a diary of initiatives that come to mind and revisit them ever so often, so that you can gain greater insight and figure out, through the help of the Holy Spirit, the initiatives that are linked to your purpose, and those that should be crossed off your list.
  5. Once you are confident that you should move forward with those initiatives, build your knowledge by speaking to persons with the relevant skills and experience. For example, if you think God is prompting you to write a book, it would be a great idea, to read up on tips for starting a book, seek out experienced writers and ask questions, identify a few popular books and try to determine the reasons for their success.  Remember, you do not know it all.
  6. Sometimes, it requires more drastic steps. For example:  Your interest is photography, but you need a good camera and can’t afford it, but you can afford to make small payments if you can get a loan, then, pursue a loan.  It may be from your Aunt or Uncle or a good friend or from a Financial Institution; loans have their purposes.   Another scenario may be that you love to sing and desire to minister to others, but you have been depending on others to give you such opportunities.  Instead, consider planning a free mini-concert with other singers or plan a concert for the Senior Citizens home.

I hope this motivates you to act in faith, and to climb out of that sticky mud.  Free yourself by walking in freedom.  Go exercise your faith, use the resources around you to make things happen.

Maybe you have been stuck for years, and would like to share with other readers, how you got out and experienced the freedom to live your life to the fullest.

We would love to hear from you!


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