Treasured Lessons from my Mother – Lesson 5

Passionately intercede in prayer for your children daily

No matter, what your children have done, no matter how far they have drifted from God or how long they take to come back home, keep offering those prayers to heaven on their behalf;  something will happen eventually.   I firmly believe that the prayers of a faithful mother accomplishes a lot and it is a commitment all mothers should make.   Praying daily for your children is a necessity and it comes from a mother who deeply loves and cares about the welfare of her children; from the time they are born until the time she leaves this earth.

The Word of God says “Ask and it shall be given”.   Shouldn’t we start asking on behalf of our children, even before they are born.  I am sure it would place them at an advantage.   Ask God to draw them to him at an early age, ask Him to give them a hunger for righteousness, ask Him to bless them with intelligence and wisdom and let them be a beacon to those they meet.   ASK!

Talking to God on the behalf of our children shows that we recognise that they are only gifts to us and it is our God-given awesome responsibility to grow them up to reverence God and that involves lots of praying as well.

Application:    Start praying daily for your children!  Do not be too busy, invest significant time praying for them daily.  Be specific in your prayer, you can pray for anything and everything; for them to excel in school, for them to choose the right career, for them to choose the right spouse and more importantly for them to reverence God!!  In addition to praying daily, sometimes the Holy Spirit alerts you that something is wrong and he urges you to pray “NOW”, don’t hesitate, stop whatever you are doing and obediently pray.

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