Remove the Sun-shades, Live!

I think it is important for each of us to be comfortable in the body we are in; facing our past and present, ugly or not so ugly, or good.   Too many times we prefer to cover up, to keep the sun shades on our faces, because we feel safe, we feel as if we are tucked away from the harsh reality of the world and the way our critics look at us.   The sun-shades stays on, and our minds work overtime, trying to contain the passion which lies within.

We have forgotten that the clock never stops and that our life, which is hopefully seen as a gift, is meant to be lived.  I have not seen anyone living to their fullest behind the shades, No Way!   Instead, if you were granted the opportunity to look into their eyes, you would see, disappointment, doubt, confusion, fear, hate and bitterness, shame, despair and so much more.

If we ought to live life to the fullest, we MUST, remove the shades and enter the sunlight, let its warmth tingle our faces.  We must begin to hunger for more, we must yearn to look at ourselves in the mirror, we must learn to freely be who we were meant to be.

This world would never make it easy for individuality to shine.  Look around everyone seems to be influenced by the same drivers of society.  In comparison, few would dare to release themselves to the world, with their flaws but with their gifts.   And yet, while we say few, there are many who have accomplished great things, not because they were rich, or intelligent or popular, but because they were daring enough to remove the shaded pretenses of their lives and LIVE.


What is that one thing you are hesitating from doing all because you have been lying to yourself, telling yourself that you are not good enough.  Why do you embrace harmful emotions that hinder you from looking up.  I DARE YOU TO LIVE, LET THE SUN SHINE ON YOU AND LIVE!!

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