My Imagination

(Written as a writing challenge inspired by a picture prompt which is the featured picture above – google images)

Maybe it is just a dream, but I would continue to bask in the beauty of my imagination! What I see is pure beauty, tranquility, lush greenery and freedom. Is it really just my imagination? I take a deep breath with my eyelids shut and feed my imagination even more.

My body slips into a trance and every single muscle softens into complete stillness. Then I see the stream, the surface as pure glass, capturing the smile on my face, surreal! My Imagination plunges on desperately to satisfy its desire.

I see a white castle, a mystery to behold. I would love to explore its chambers, its highs and its lows. Maybe, there are dozens of mirrors lining the walls, chandeliers and classy staircases. I am totally consumed by what I see and I think to myself “No, it can’t be my imagination!” I am torn between my fantasy and my reality. My imagination refreshes me.

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