Feel like you lost your purpose?

What happens when you’ve seen your dreams shattered or you’ve missed a great opportunity in life? What happens when your dream house is destroyed by a fire? What happens when the doctor says you are going to die? What happens when the only one you ever truly loved walks out on you? What happens when your church scorns you because of something you did? What happens when you have lost your job? What happens when it seems like life is no longer rich and purposeful, the only way you know it to be?

The reality about life is that it is important for everyone to love themselves, to have dreams and to feel accomplished. We did not create ourselves that way, God did. It means therefore that we ought not to try to stifle our desire to feel good about ourselves and what we have accomplished. It is not wrong or unhealthy to achieve.

From the moment we develop self-awareness and begin to understand life’s journey, we begin to picture the way we would like our lives to be “when we get big”. Our family, our home, our careers, our social lives and our spiritual lives. We begin to dream!

There is research showing that people who plan their lives, and are living meaningfully tend to live longer. Just think of what it does for your body to awake every morning filled with purpose, meaningful things to do, lives to impact positively, investments to make that would change lives, knowledge to attain that would broaden perspectives and allow us to become better leaders, words or songs of inspiration that would give hope to the hopeless and the list goes on. It is great to live a meaningful life and it begins when we understand why we are alive and when we understand who we are and the unique gifts and abilities we possess.

There are those days, weeks, months and years however when we feel lost and purposeless. Many times it happens after a major negative event has happened in our lives that has rocked us, shaken us and forces us to question our past, present and future and to question our importance.

The question is what do we do when we find ourselves in these places?

  1. If you can find a friend that has been there for you ever since you met them and they have proven themselves to be trustworthy, sharing with them how you feel and asking them to pray with you and for you can help you to feel supported.
  2. Get outdoors a lot, especially during the early morning period and breath in as much fresh air that you can. Oxygen flowing to your brain helps you to feel renewed and hopeful and helps you to think better.
  3. Push yourself to do things you like to do, even though you may not feel like it.
  4. Be kind and caring to others, even when you may not feel like it.
  5. Spend time daily in prayer and bible study even though you may not feel like it. Prayer openly to God, tell him everything. He can be trusted and he listens.
  6. If you find yourself slipping into depression or suicidal thoughts find verses that would speak directly to those conditions and meditate on them daily (see below for some verses).
  7. Find songs that lift your spirit and sing them often. Find songs that provokes you to worship God with your voice and do so wholeheartedly.
  8. Never allow yourself to sink into a “pity-party”. Be grateful for even your losses and look for the lessons to be learnt.

What did Jesus experience while walking out his purpose on this earth? Answer? Too much! Too much for you and I.

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