Cheerful giving, cheerful receiving!

About two months ago I sat down and evaluated me. In particular I was examining my appetite for giving. I searched myself and asked; have I lost my appetite for giving? Do I enjoy giving to others as I did before? Am I happy when the opportunity arises to give? Do I share with others willingly, freely and cheerfully?

The result of my introspection was a decision to make a greater effort to give. My introspection led me to fix a few areas in my life that shifted out of alignment with God’s principles. I desired to do better, so I recommitted myself to honour God with my giving. Since them I have been embracing opportunities to give with renewed vigor and a cheerful spirit.

Today I was surprised as I walked into “Real Value”, one of our supermarkets in Grenada. On my way to work, I decided to vist the Supermarket quickly to pick up something to eat. On entering the Supermarket, I moved quickly down the aisle, picked up three items and headed to the cashier. It must have been four seconds after I collected my change that I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and there was a young lady smiling at me. She said to me “Congratulations, you have just won a gift as part of our Anniversary Celebrations.” Wow!
“That’s a surprise!” I said, beaming. I was later presented with a $25.00 food voucher.

As small as it may be, this little act of giving made my day. I felt happy to receive the gift and was reminded of how beautiful it is to give. It is always great to bring sunshine to someone else’s day. I felt happy to receive, I felt happy to be selected, I felt happy to be treated as a valuable customer.

As I returned to my vehicle, I reflected on how God was nudging my heart two months ago to be a cheerful giver. I reflected on my obedience and I felt great about the steps taken. My receiving today came as a sweet whisper from God that he was pleased with my recent giving.

Sometimes we slow down, we get weary in doing good and God has to speak to our hearts, nudging us to get back in line. He knows how beautiful it is to give from a cheerful heart and he wants each of us to experience it. I am thankful for the opportunity to give and also for the opportunity to receive.

Let’s encourage each other to give a little more.

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