How Great is Our God!

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If we do not know the extent of God’s greatness and we have never experienced His miraculous love we would obviously doubt His power.

If we do not believe that God is the Creator of all things, we would always be searching for our identity in someone else or something else. Sadly, it would never work. He is God and that’s just the way He is.

Our beliefs influences our thoughts, how we relate to others, what we see as valuable in this life and the lifestyles we pursue.

But whether we believe or not, God is the most powerful being, creator of the Universe. He is the Triune One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is Love and His love is lasting and unconditional. He is also Holy, has never sinned and cannot. This means he cannot tolerate sin even while His grace may extend to all men. Our decision to believe or not does not influence who God is. He is powerful, we are not. We are His prized creation and He desires to commune with us daily.

This triune God cannot be compared to any world leader and should not be. God is a jealous God and doesn’t take pleasure in playing second fiddle. You and I do not fully understand the greatness of God because we are limited in our thinking. He is infinite, we are finite. He speaks and the earth trembles. This God through his Son Jesus has defeated Lucifer by resurrecting himself from the Grave and winning the victory over death. As a babe He entered this world and created a massive spiritual earthquake. Many rejected Him, but he survived the odds. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the sooner we recognise this the quicker we experience lasting joy and peace.

  Job 37:5 “God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend.”

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