Final Chapter – The Love Dream

Chapter 30 – The Future

Jason gently placed the necklace around my neck; it was beautiful! I looked up at him still speechless and after seeing his radiant smile I managed to say, “Thank you!” Everything about the necklace and the moment was perfect. Jason pulled me into his chest wrapping his arms around me. It was our first time hugging so intimately. Jason whispered in my ear. “You do not need to answer me now, take your time. “I know,” I whispered back, “You never pressured me about anything, and we have been casual friends for a while now and I respect you for that.” It is just that I was pleasantly surprised and extremely touched by your actions.

We both sat, and I explained to Jason that as a teenager growing up, I have never met a young man like him. I talked about dating two young men, one at 18 and the other at 20 and they both appeared to have no outlook neither were they interested in wholesome activities. I went on to explain that it was the norm for my friends to become sexually active after a few dates with the same person. For me I wanted more, I wanted true friendship, I wanted a commitment with someone who was focused and mature enough to establish priorities. “Jason Emery, you coming into my life was definitely God’s design, you fit the mould of what I desired then and now. I have heard your offer and I would love to explore the possibility of Marriage with you.”  I breathed a sigh of relief and we both laughed. We hugged again and as we remained entwined in each other’s arms Jason prayed and asked God to lead us and bless us with a relationship that would draw young men and women to Christ.  After praying Jason and his dad drove me home. I can see it was all planned and it all added to a wonderful evening. It was nice getting to know his dad and sharing more about myself. It was somewhere around 7:30 pm when they dropped me off. I felt like I had a lot to share with my family about my evening, but I knew the time was not right.  Maybe tomorrow, I thought.

Dad greeted us at the door and were quickly introduced to Jason’s parents who left right away. After saying good night, I retreated to my room. I felt that I needed my privacy to process everything that happened that night, to unwind. Without changing, I curled up with my pillow and prayed. “God my life feels like a roller coaster right now, so much is going on, please help me to understand how to trust you and give me peace…Amen!

As I laid on my bed, I felt the strong impressions of God’s presence telling me, “You are safe! I will never leave you!” That was enough for me. I knew at that moment that I would never have to face life’s joys, sorrows, and uncertainties on my own. That night I vowed to trust God with my future. That night I knew Jason Emery was the one for me; God’s pick for me and I submitted to God’s choice. The dream which I never shared with Jason was unfolding right before my eyes – The Love Dream!  I was beginning to understand the true meaning of Love and for some reason God chose Jason Emery to help me understand.  As I got up from my bed and prepared to shower, God’s peace overwhelmed me and I was comforted knowing that his plans for me was going to be just right.

The End.

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