Making Trades with Jesus – By Carrie Rogers

It has to be at least five years now since I met Carrie. It was during a Women’s Conference on the Island of Grenada, my homeland. Carrie was one of the Guest Speakers visiting all the way form Texas. Ever so often I am inspired by her postings on Facebook. This one in particular caught my attention and I remember thinking my friends should see this. So I recently reached out to Carrie and was honoured when she allowed me to share this special post with you. I describe it as short, sweet and from the heart..

Making Trades with Jesus – By Carrie Rogers8th April, 2021

Monday, on my morning walk, as soon as I rounded the first corner in my neighborhood (out of nowhere), tears welled up in the corner of my eyes. I quickly brushed them away (like I always do), and in reflex, troubleshot with God about the reason for my tears. (Mainly why they flow so freely these days, almost without cause.) “Here I am again, Jesus, apparently heavy and burdened and oblivious to my own need, but desperate for an exchange.”

Then I smiled at how often lately I come to Jesus to make a trade and how willing He is to meet with me. My burdens and confusion for His peace. My weakness and exhaustion for His strength. My doubts and fears for His faith. These are the good gifts available to me when I run to Him, so I do, over and over again.

And then I couldn’t help but think of you and wonder if this is one way you view prayer too. Is it the dumping ground that becomes holy ground where you make trades with Jesus? Your not-enough for His more-than-able. Your I-can’t-do-this-anymore for His I-promise-I’ve-got-this. Your heartbreak for His healing hands.

Because if it’s not, may I recommend my good friend Jesus to you. He really is the best listener, and He makes the absolute best trades.

Carrie Rogers is passionate about God’s Word and its impact on the lives of women. She is the founder of Carried Away Ministries, which seeks to encourage women of all ages to engage in a passionate pursuit of Jesus. Carrie and her husband, Erik, along with their three children, reside in McKinney, Texas.

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