Marriage Restoration

What do you do when your marriage is bordering separation or your spouse has walked out the door? What do you do when all that is left between you and your spouse is unforgiveness and hurt? How do you move forward? I believe that a broken marriage can be restored if the husband and the wife is willing to do the work.

Submit your troubled marriage to God, in other words hand it over, give it up or let it go so he can take-over and fix it. Submit your desires as well; take the time out to explain to God what you would like to see in your marriage.

Honestly examine yourself and identify the perspectives or perceptions you may have about your spouse that are not founded. These perceptions may be fueled by assumptions, wrong thinking and inaccurate judgements.

Honestly examine yourself reflecting on the things that your spouse has pointed out about you; determine what is true and what is not.

After self examination be willing to confess your wrongs as well as forgive the wrongs of your spouse.

Take active steps to turn around and to keep walking on your new path. For example: If your spouse always complained about you spending too much time at work. Simply reduce the hours spent at work. Maybe you need to look at your planning and organizations skills, or perhaps there is a need to have a discussion with your supervisor about your workload or ways technology can be better utilized to improve efficiency levels.

As you continue to submit your marriage to God and you continue to grow, begin to pray for your spouse that he/she would be open to God’s leading and to growth as well.

Make an effort to appreciate the great things about your spouse anew; despite how you may feel, act kindly and gently towards him/her.

As you continue to do all of the above begin to declare RESTORATION and success over your marriage. Speak it over your spouse, speak it over your entire family. Whenever your spouse’s name is mentioned or there is a discussion about you marriage, declare restoration for all to hear. This is very important especially in the presence of your Spouse.

As your spouse begins to show changes, do not resist or doubt his/her sincerity. Let things flow remembering to express gratitude to God for little improvements. Look for opportunities to compliment your spouse on areas of growth or change but be careful not to do it too early.

If you only believe your Marriage can be restored!

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