Creativity…innovation, exploration….colour….beauty.

Years ago, I discovered that I was an extremely created individual. The God who made me did well! I struggled a bit with not being able to fully express my creativity as a youth. I quickly learned that there are very very few people who would appreciate extreme creative personalities and cheer them on. I often felt out of place, unappreciated and strange. I would share my bright ideas with others all soaked with excitement and receive utter silence. It was during those times that I learned to be selective in sharing my ideas and my dreams. It was during those times that I learned to hold back, to reserve some discussions for those who truly cared. I also learned how to talk myself out of greatness. Today I say, “Dear Lord, please forgive the mistakes of my youth.”

Today, I do not care one hoot or foot 🙂 of what others are thinking. I am fifty (50) fabulous and creative. I did not create myself nor my creative juices, so It is no more about me. It is about the one and only Creator of the World – God himself.

Are you someone who is always seeing use or purpose for a used container, wooden frame, old rustic chair, a broken frame, cut ends of tiles and fabric? Are you someone who is always encountering innovative business ideas or ways to increase creativity using your hands? Are you often thinking of writing your thoughts, creating them into a poem, story or inspirational article? Do you find yourself preparing rice in a million different ways? Are you known to always have a creative solution to problems? Do you find yourself easily reading the mind of the actor and accurately guessing the next scene or the outcome of a well written movie?

If the answer is yes, welcome to the Creative Club. I do hope you are not throwing water on your creative fires. Keep fanning those flames, in fact find websites and apps that can help you to do just that.

One of my favourite places to hang out is “Pinterest”. It is actually a very cool place to hang out with other creatives. Check me out on Pinterest at @fleurjeremiah. You can follow me and I can follow you…sounds like fun right?

I am currently exploring a number of creative projects and thought I would just share some pics that I got from Pinterest. I would be sure to give credit to whom credit is due. Most of my pictures would be surrounding the theme of indoor or outdoor decor.

This first picture reminds me of the need for little representations of sunshine around and in our lives. You can take a used tire and turn it into a lovely useful decorative piece filled with floral beauty. Do we spend enough time making our surroundings beautiful? Our yard space is often wasted or taken for granted. Creative pieces like this piece can make being outdoors a little more appealing. Photo credits goes to

No. 2 is also made from used tires. I really like it. This pic was shared on Pinterest by “Business Girl”. For me, I would prefer to place this lovely tier tea pot on a large wooden picnic table. You can choose to paint it in your favourite colours. This is so cool and creative. Thank you Business Girl for sharing. I have no idea who created this beautiful piece however.

I love a pop of pink, purple, light green and blue, and yellow. These colours remind me that life can be filled with laughter and good times.

This indoor setting has a lovely sofa or chair that seems to be reminding me of the importance of having a happy place called home. I love everything about it. It can easily be anyone’s favourite spot in the living room. I love the choice of the vase colour and how it tones down the pink by toning it up with more colour.. As a little girl I saw interior decorators and builders run from colour. Even in our dressing, purple and yellow being worn together was unheard of. Today, colours are true expressions of personalities and innovation that plunges us outside of our safety zones.

I was able to visit the website sharing this pic. It is called “Reciclar e Decorar”. You would need to know a little Spanish to fully enjoy the site ;).

Here comes my favourite. I shared this before and I really adore the idea. First of all, after seeing this pic, no one should throw away their milk cans any more :). Well, if you really insist, please throw them into my wagon.

This last picture was taken by me. I enjoyed creating the setting, as simple as it was. This picture was created for an article I was posting on my blog, but it all fits under interior decoration.

How did I put it together? I simply spread a clean, bright orange rag on one of my dining chairs, placed my attractive looking journal in the right angle, placed my cheap birthday earrings that I love next to it and selected the best phone camera in the house and what seemed to be the most appropriate picture mode. After some experimenting with positioning and light, it was done and I was happy.

These are the moments I enjoy but have very little time for so when it happens I am grateful. I am grateful to also be inspired by many other creatives to keep working towards creating the life that I would best enjoy and that is a life that is filled with much more creative moments.

Please don’t give up on the Creative You! Have an awesome day!

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