Persistence – Getting it done and achieving success

(Featured pic: Me at Mt. Gazo, St. George, Grenada)

Today I found out that my body lacks magnesium and as a result I am experiencing certain symptoms and conditions. To aid in correcting this lack or insufficiency, I must be determined and willing to persist towards my goal of a healthier me. I learned that magnesium supports our bodies by:

Maintaining healthy brain functions

Maintaining a healthy heartbeat

Helping to regulate muscle contractions

Improving Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms

Lowering blood pressure

and fighting depression. 

So, I have started taking my supplements but I am also learning anew about the foods that are rich in magnesium so I can adjust my diet accordingly.

Apart from the magnesium revelation, I was able to receive a full assessment of my health and the conditions that are developing or could be developed in the future. It is now critical for me to take the necessary steps to correct them. This got me thinking about “Persistence” and “Perseverance”; they are both similar in meaning.

“Persistence” speaks of continuing in a course of action in spite of obstacles or difficulties or even opposition. “Perseverance” is persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success; both words basically mean the same thing.

As I rested and reflected today I brainstormed what I would need to do differently to achieve better health. It was clear to me that persistence and perseverance would need to be very evident in my journey going forward. Some behaviours I would need to increase, others should be ceased while there will be new habits to be formed.

I must put in the work. It would require me to be more intentional with my time. It would demand that I face certain fears and it would require some selfishness on my part. Yes, there will be times when I would need to say “no” in the interest of my health.

As my fingers touched the letters on my keyboard and the words formed on my screen, I felt inspired as I read what was written. It reminded me of the importance of encouraging ourselves. While community and the support of family and friends are essential, it is important that we do not depend on others to the extent that they are given the power to determine whether we sink or float, or achieve our desired goals.

As you face your crossroads, mountains and valleys, resolve to persevere and to persist no matter what comes your way, no matter the punches that land in the face, no matter the set backs and disappointments. Keep in mind that THIS IS LIFE! Life is filled with the need to press on, to push and to fight. Don’t be a quitter, don’t buckle to the pressure. You will be extremely pleased with yourself when you succeed. Persistence and perseverance is the key!

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