How to embrace a new stage in your life? Gratefully!

Very soon I will no longer be with my current employer (it has been 3 years) and while I feel a bit anxious about the future, I cannot deny the excitement I also feel. This excitement is mainly present because many of my suppressed or delayed dreams and ideas are now racing in at first gear and I am bubbling to explore the million and one opportunities that I see ahead. For the first time in my life, I am going to have a real shot at pursuing the life I have been envisioning for a long time and for me and my family this is a big deal.

I am so grateful to God for these years of learning. My experiences at work have taught me immensely and this wealth of information cannot be valued by any means. It is amazing to look back and realize how resourceful these job engagements have made me.

Years ago, I started becoming disinterested in traditional jobs; I became extremely bored and unfulfilled by the hectic and demanding cycles and schedules. Most of the positions I held over my career journey were middle to senior/management positions and they were quite demanding. It has been years since my body has been able to fully relax; I have been constantly tense, stretched and drained. I am longing to see what real rest would feel like. The rejuvenation that I enjoyed during a short holiday was often short-lived. For the sake of my employers, I sacrificed quality time with my family and friends and often placed my need for self-care at the bottom of the list. This is life in the corporate world where the most important pursuit is the pursuit to achieve the company’s objectives.

Despite all this, I am extremely grateful for the positives (they are many) that I can walk away with today. It has been 31 years in total. One of my greatest joys was seeing employees grow from being timid to assertive from lacking confidence in their role to influencing others to be more effective. I have seen and tasted what success looks like; what it means to persevere and to experience change as a result of not giving up. Those 31 years have afforded me experiences that would support me as long as I live.

As time passed by however, I began to feel lost, very limited and restricted. I began mentally preparing for my exit out of this cycle and into a life that would allow me to truly express my God-given gifts and abilities. As I sought to prepare, a part of me was reluctant to let go and I continued to hold on even while I was experiencing situations at work that had become unhealthy for me, mentally and emotionally.

But God! I felt uncertain about how and when to proceed and God took all that under control. He finally allowed it to happen by forcing me into the unknown. He majestically closed the door and immediately began showing me the doors that were opening ahead. I knew something different was about to happen and told God that “I would trust Him.” Yes, again, I will trust Him.

When I did not know how to let go of the known and what felt “comfortable” even though I was drowning more and more daily, God thrusted me forward into what I always desired and longed for.

Now, today, with great anticipation and hope in my lungs, I prepare to start a new episode of my life’s journey. I am lost for words except to say, “To God be the Glory”.

I do not know your story but I do know that we all experience hesitancy when moving from a “comfortable” space to completely new territory. I say to you be strong and take it one step at a time, one day at a time, moment by moment. I say to you that having a relationship with God, makes everything make sense and with Him you are never truly alone or lost; He guides you every minute providing that you are willing to listen.

Pursue purpose always!

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