The cycle of learning and the beauty of giving.

Today is a good day to count my many blessings. They are so many, maybe I would count them two by two instead of one by one. As I reflect on my life and where I am now, I can’t help but think, I must be grateful.

After being in the work force for thirty-one years, after learning, growing and advancing, I am at the stage where the cycle of learning has begun anew and it reminds me of the importance of being teachable and continually demonstrating a hunger for knowledge.

As I listened to one of Nicole Walters’ presentations (Nicole is an Income Strategist and Entrepreneur) one thing jumped out at me; that many have failed to truly impact their world because they cease to share their knowledge with others with the intention of uplifting them and making them better.” She spoke about taking their valuable knowledge and experience to the grave where it can benefit no one.

This resonated with me immediately as I reflected on my life. The most fulfilling periods of my life was when I had the opportunity to invest into the lives of others, whether through counselling, training, coaching or just inspiring through my writing. Nothing compares to that feeling of sharing your knowledge and experience to make someone better.

Life is so much better when we are giving rather than hoarding our expertise for ourselves.

As we travel this road, let’s remember to live each day intentionally, keeping others in view. After all without the people who invested into our lives, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

May your years of experience and attained knowledge be an avenue for positively impacting the life of others so that they too can achieve their God-given purpose on this planet.

Remember their is joy in giving!

Feel free to check out Nicole Walters on YouTube or Facebook or on her website.

Here is a link to one of her presentations I really enjoyed and found enlightening.

Why Excuses Are the #1 Thing Keeping You From Your Goals – Nicole Walters at Craft & Commerce 2017 – YouTube

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