Cherishing the moments

I am extremely grateful to be at a juncture in my life where I can choose how I wish to spend the precious hours of the day as God permits. It is a new season and it feels like freedom. With this new blessing comes the opportunity to cherish the moments or rather “THE” moments. In other words, the opportunity to cherish the moments that really matters is now here.

I have too many memories of times when I was too busy, too tired, too distracted and too stressed to direct the required energy and time towards my children’s emotional and social development. While I can probably give myself a fair rating for my parental skills, I know in my earlier days of motherhood, my job and my involvement in church activities were given priority too often.

Today, it is different, I am now in a wonderful space of independence. This space allows me to make decisions that would promote a work-life balance. This space allows me to have control of my calendar and my clock, as God permits of course. This wonderful space allows me to slow down and become a better listener. This valuable space presents opportunities to nourish and support my family in every way possible. This valuable space presents opportunities to practice better self care and to invest into the lives of others.

I fully anticipate the working of the Holy Spirit during this season because I know he has a plan and I know his plan for me is perfect.

Today, I inspire you to work towards creating that lifestyle of balance. You may not be able to achieve it in one or two months, it may take a year, but it is worth your efforts to try and create boundaries.

Here are some possible boundaries you can create to keep you in check:

Avoid working on weekends unless it is totally necessary in which case do not work two weekends in a row.

Take a lunch break and seek to have lunch the same time every day.

Plan a family outing or outdoor adventure at least every other month.

Go out on dates with your spouse.

Have mother-daughter days or father-son days, etc.

Create realistic time slots during the day for every task and be disciplined about keeping the time limits.

Invest in programmes or projects geared towards helping others to develop.

These are just some suggestions for maintaining a lifestyle of balance. Feel free to share your tips as well in our comments section.

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