Life is simple

This is a statement many may disagree with. Because of all the difficulties and challenges we face as we journey through our lives, we are often left scarred, weary, worn and beaten to the point where we feel like there is no more energy to fight. Many times the circumstances and factors contributing to your battles are from external sources, situations completely out of our control. Some battles we lose others we win. As a result of experiencing some battles we develop mistrust, bitterness and many times we damn the bridges we once crossed and may need to cross again.

We struggle with poverty, disappointments, rejections and setbacks. We go through serious tough times, right, we see hell.

But, just stop a minute, doesn’t the first two paragraphs also sound like the story of the “VICTIM”, groaning and moaning, hopeless and destitute? There is the flip side to all this, the flip side that life is not as complicated as it may seem. This truth is realised when we choose to respond to our problems with a winning, “I can” mindset.

First of all, there are consequences to our actions, so don’t think you can make poor decision and live to rejoice about it. The reality is you would experience negative consequences as a result. If you decide not to save or invest your money, in hard times you will be begging. If you decide not to choose your friends wisely, your support system would be one that drags you lower or keeps you stagnant. If you choose to rebel against godly principles, you obviously would be of poor character and seriously lack values.

In other words, let’s own-up where it is necessary. Where we have lapsed, failed, or simply played the fool, let’s admit it. It is critical if we must grow up. Educate yourself on the principles necessary for success and follow through so you can reap those benefits later. Embrace challenges with a grateful heart and watch yourself glow as you are tried by fire to become gold.

Here as some quick tips to keeping life simple:

  1. Be sure to save monthly and do not touch it unless it is totally necessary.
  2. Invest long-term by purchasing shares or buying insurance that could benefit you while you live and your family when you die.
  3. Treat every individual you encounter with dignity, many times they are the ones to bless you later in life when it is really needed.
  4. Focus on the positives, do not waste time on empty arguments and conflicts that would not lead to growth.
  5. Ensure you invest more into your family relationships than any other relationship.
  6. Be honest; be sincere.
  7. Treat others kindly at all times, the way you would like to be treated.
  8. Be careful with how you use your time. You should be able to look back and be pleased with yourself.
  9. Stay humble and keep learning something new.
  10. Take care of your body.
  11. Embrace every challenge with a grateful heart.

Don’t you see how life could be simple?

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