Just a little word

As you seek to live life meaningfully, it may require you cutting out some monthly and annual subscriptions. These days it seems like everything requires a subscription. If we want to manage our finances well, we must carefully review our subscriptions asking ourselves the following:

Do they add value to my life?

Am I gaining useful knowledge that would make me more marketable?

It is a worthwhile investment, would it bring me returns?

Wants can easily be confused as needs when the truth is you can easily live without them. Try imagining life without some of the things you currently think you are desperately in need of.

Be wise! There is always someone with a product or service ready to convince you that you are in need of it. Their goal is to sell! Your goas should be to purchase ONLY when it would add value to your life or to the life of your family or those you are seeking to influence.

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