How have you changed in 2021?

When we spend quality time with our spouse, fiancée or boyfriend/girlfriend, we learn more about ourselves and about each other. Sometimes we are amazed by our own discoveries.

In a relationship with God it is no different. As we sit and communicate with Him, mediate on His words and just tune our ear to listen to His voice, we are enlightened about His character and about ourselves. We are then able to clearly see the undeniable attitudes or behaviours that must change.

As I thought about 2021 and the fact that it is almost over, I reflected on me, asking myself, “How did I grow in 2021?”, “How am I different?” “How did I change?”. It is an introspection that would continue as I dig deeper for evidence that God is still working on me.

I choose to embrace these discoveries as gifts.

Happy Monday to all and may you be inspired to always allow God to align your character to His and don’t be hesitant to look for those changes. We all need to grow?

How have you grown in 2021?

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